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Solfs Bonn

August Solf e. K. Inh. Jörg Schüller, Bonn, Amtsgericht Bonn HRA Netzwerk, Wirtschaftsinfos. Bei uns finden Sie die größte Auswahl an aktuellen Unterhaltungs- und Spielautomaten in der Region Köln/Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. Wir präsentieren ständig die. Öffnungszeiten von Solfs Moderne Spielstätten in Hans-Böckler-Str. 5, , Beuel, Bonn Deutschland inklusive Kontaktdaten wie Adresse.

Solfs Moderne Spielstätten Spielhalle / Casino in Bonn

Automaten Solf bringt über 50 Jahre Erfahrung rund um den Bereich '​Unterhaltung' mit. Wir betreiben eigene, hochmoderne Spielstätten und betreuen mit. Photoplay – Online spielen gegen andere in ganz Europa Grenzenlos vernetzter Spielspaß europaweit! Das Masters ist ein Wettbewerb an dem Spieler aus. ᐅ Solfs Moderne Spielstätten in Bonn. ✉ Adresse | ☎ Telefonnummer | 2 Bewertungen ✅ Bei frog2frog.com ansehen.

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Solfs Bonn Bei uns finden Sie die größte Auswahl an aktuellen Unterhaltungs- und Spielautomaten in der Region Köln/Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. Wir präsentieren ständig die. Automaten Solf bringt über 50 Jahre Erfahrung rund um den Bereich '​Unterhaltung' mit. Wir betreiben eigene, hochmoderne Spielstätten und betreuen mit. Wir, die Solf´s Spielstätten, freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch! Wir bieten Spiel, Spaß, Service und Unterhaltung auf höchstem Niveau! Wir sind Ihr Treffpun. Heute geöffnet? ❌ÖFFNUNGSZEITEN von „Spielothek Solf´s“ in Bonn ➤ Öffnungszeiten heute ☎ Telefonnummer ✅ Kontaktdaten ✅ Anfahrt ☆ Bewertungen. Solfs, Bonn Arcade. germany › Nordrhein-Westfalen › Reg.-Bez. Köln › Bonn › Arcade › Solfs. Adress. Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz Bonn. Phone number Places near Solfs. Subway. Sandwich Shop. 11 meters Tiefenrausch Bonn. Night Club. 11 meters Schickimicki Club Bar. Night Club. 20 meters Coppeneur Chocolatier. Solfs Moderne Spielstätten in Bonn, reviews by real people. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Bonn and beyond. Solfs Moderne Spielstätten - Arcades - Hans-Böckler-Str. 5, Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany - Phone Number - YelpLocation: Hans-Böckler-Str. 5 Bonn Germany. 7/15/ · Pool Hall in Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen.
Solfs Bonn

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TOR Sin's. Cash utllust,neill. Rosebery Garage. Apply before 11 a. Hebt price given. For some groups of bat species, niche segregation might occur at a more fine body size-resource scale, as had been demonstrated in Carollia spp.

Fleming , Thies A clear identification of how tropical bats partition their resources and the spatial and temporal variability in bat diversity shown here needs to be considered when the conservation actions and strategies toward the protection and management of bats and their forest habitats are developed.

In agreement with previous investigations Thomas , Bonaccorso and Humphrey , Kalko et al. It also confirms the utility of standardized, long-term sampling in diverse tropical bat communities, only by doing such sampling will it be possible to make comparisons among spatial and temporal components of diversity Kalko , My results reinforce the prevalence of variation in species richness and abundance along vertical, altitudinal, and temporal scales, accentuating the significance of considering tropical bat diversity in space and time.

My comparison of two bat communities revealed differences in the shapes of species abundance distributions from lowland and cloud forests that previous work on bat communities had not detected.

The differences in curve shapes suggest that these forests differ in the environmental factors that influence their bat communities see May , Stenseth , Ugland and Gray , Hubbell Finally, this study encourages 71 comparisons of tropical bat communities at other lowland and highland sites, and points to a means of advancing our understanding of how spatial and temporal factors may influence tropical bat diversity and in consequence how to conserve both bats and their habitats.

The multidimensional niche concept Hutchinson as a resource utilization spectrum, provides a mean to understand how species relate to one another, and enhance our interpretation of community organization Giller Similar species can separate their activities along three major categories of resource dimensions: food, habitat, and time Giller , Colinvaux Complex resource segregation is found in assemblages with many similar species Feinsinger , Emmons , Karr and Freemark , Brown and Kurzius , Roubik The guild concept sensu Root , as a group of species that exploit the same class of environmental resources in a similar way, provides a opportunity to compare activity patterns among similar species, and to answer the question of how similar species coexist Terborgh and Robinson , Kalko , Comparing guilds has been successful in the study of bat communities.

Early studies of the species-rich Neotropical bat communities revealed that niche space of similar-sized bats with similar food preferences is tightly packed, especially among frugivores Fleming et al.

Subsequently, more complete knowledge about resources 72 73 and habitat requirements of species has improved the descriptions of Neotropical bat guilds Bonaccorso , Kalko , Schnitzler and Kalko However, broad overlap in resources and habitat use within a guild has also been documented, especially within frugivorous bats Bonaccorso , Willig et al.

New World frugivorous and nectarivorous bats in the family Phyllostomidae, are the dominant species in both lowland and highland bat communities Fleming a, , Kalko et al.

They have developed a mutualistic relationship with plants as pollinators and seed dispersers, which contributes to the maintenance of the genetic diversity of plants and the regeneration processes of the forests Faegri and van der Pijl , van der Pijl , Heithaus Because plantvisiting bats are a species-rich group, it is expected that they will show a combination of diet, habitat, and temporal resource partitioning.

More studies have addressed differences in diet and horizontal habitat use among plant-visiting bats reviewed by Fleming , Fleming and Sosa , and Kalko et al.

Results from Bonaccorso's study , Bonaccorso and Humphrey demonstrating that bat switch strata seasonally, suggest that this behavior can be widespread among bats and that it can operate as mechanism of coexistence.

The study focuses on species from highly diverse genera: Artibeus, Sturnira, and Carollia. Correlation of vertical stratification with body size, and seasonal changes in the proportion of strata use were examined.

Finally, the results are discussed in the context of differences in climate, vegetation, and elevation between forests and compared with findings from previous studies.

The lowland site is Cerro Batipa 80 20' Batipa has an elevation range of m. The site lies in a tropical moist forest life zone Tosi and has a tropical climate with a prolonged dry season McKay The vegetation covers ha of tropical evergreen forest, semi-deciduous forest, and dry forest Valdespino and Santamaria The forest canopy has a height of 30 m and emergent trees of 40 m with a closed canopy and relatively open understory Chapter 2.

The vegetation is described in details in Chapter 2 and in Valdespino and Santamaria The reserve has ranges in elevation from m Diaz , but the study site spans an elevation of m.

Diaz Fortuna has two life zones Tosi , Diaz : premontane wet forest and lower wet mountain forest. It shows a mountain oceanic climate McKay , with mean annual ambient temperature of The reserve comprises 19, ha of continuous lower mountain rainforest Cavelier , Dfaz , classified as a tropical ombrophilous cloud forest Mueller-Dombois and Ellenberg The forest canopy is m in height with an open canopy and emergent trees of 40 m, and a dense understory Cavelier , Chapter 2.

Detailed description of the vegetation in Fortuna is found in Mayo et al. Bat Mist Netting Bats were captured from July to December , except for June , when it was not possible to visit the sites.

I sampled each bat community with mist nets for 1 to 4 nights each month, depending of the weather conditions. Temporal and Vertical Abundance Analysis To compare bat species abundance by strata, season, and month, I estimated a three year-mean monthly species abundance, except for June, which is a 2 yearmean Values for abundance were standardized by divided the monthly abundance between the monthly effort mist net-hour.

Seasons were divided into dry season January to April , early rainy season May to August , and late rainy season September to December.

To compare distribution of understory and canopy captures, I calculated the number of individuals captured by species in a stratum during the whole study, including the recaptures in different months.

Differences in the species abundance distribution between understory and canopy were tested using a G' goodness-of-fit test.

To examine 77 the relationship between strata preference and body size, I used the number of canopy captures, expressed as a percentage of the total species captures, and the mean body mass.

I tested with ANOVA the relationship between strata use and body size for a possible correlation of guilds: nectarivores, frugivores, Piper-Solanum bats, large and small fig-eating bats; and genera: Carollia, large and small Artibeus, categories Sall and Lehman Results Species Temporal Abundance A total of individuals belonging to 32 species of plant-visiting bats were captured from the individuals and 53 species recorded during this study Chapter 3.

The cloud forest had equal or more species of plant-visiting bats in the two guilds Appendix 2, Chapter 3. Species abundance in nectarivorous and frugivorous bats varied over time.

Most species of lowland and cloud forest plant-visiting bats had their peaks in abundance during the early rainy season or during the late rainy season Figures , The lowland and cloud forest species of nectarivorous bats had similar seasonal trends in abundance.

Both lowland G. Glossophaga had a peak in May and was mostly absent during the late rainy season Figure The four lowland Piper- 78 Solanum bats differed in their seasonal abundance.

I captured more individuals of the superabundant large fig-eating bat A. Among cloud forest Piper-Solanum bats, I captured more S.

Within S. Carollia perspicillata was only present in the cloud forest from August-October with its peak in August Figure Four species of small cloud forest fig-eating bats, A.

They had peaks in abundance on March, June, and August for A. Artibeus phaeotis was mainly present in the cloud forest during the late rainy season Figure The other two large frugivorous bats, A.

The peaks in abundance for Platyrrhinus vittatus was on June and October, for A. Bats Vertical Stratification Lowland plant-visiting bats clearly differentiated in their preference for a forest stratum Chapters 2, 3, Appendix B.

The lowland nectarivorous bat and three species of Carollia were captured more frequently in the understory than in the canopy G's - 7.

Canopy captures, expressed as percentage, of nectar- and Piper-eating bats G. For small fig-eating bats A. Bats Vertical Stratification by Season Some species of plant-visiting bats seasonally switched their foraging activity from one stratum to another, estimated as a seasonal change in the proportion of strata use Tables , , Figures , , , , , , Appendix B.

The lowland G. All lowland species of Carollia maintained their understory foraging behavior, but C.

Temporal variation in species abundance measured as monthly bats captured per net hour of lowland and cloud forest nectarivorous a and cloud forest b and lowland c Piper-Solanum frugivorous bats.

Each monthly point represents a 3-year mean, except for June and cloud forest C. Species are Glossophaga soricina G. Temporal variation in species abundance measured as monthly bats captured per net hour of cloud forest a large and b small fig-eating bats, and c lowland fig-eating bats.

Species are Platyrrhinus vittatus P. Distribution of log10 body massesin greats g of nectarivorous bats by percentage of canopy use captures in the cloud forest.

Species are Glossophaga commissarisi, Glossophaga soricina, Hylonycteris underwoodi, Lonchophylla mordax, Lonchophylla robusta, Anoura geoffroyi, and Anoura cultrata.

Distribution of logo of body mass in grams g of frugivorous bats by percentage of canopy use captures in the lowland forest.

Species are Carollia: C. Distribution of log10 of body mass in grams g of frugivorous bats by percentage of canopy use captures in the cloud forest at Fortuna.

Lowland small Artibeus maintained their canopy behavior during the year although A. All lowland large frugivorous bats, Artibeus, were captured mainly in the canopy but only the large sample size of A.

Among cloud forest Piper-Solanum bats, the abundant S. The other abundant species, S. Proportion of canopy to understory bat captures by season for lowland nectarivorous and frugivorous bats.

Proportions were calculated from 3 yearmean seasonal values of species abundance-. Temporal and vertical activity of a lowland Glossophaga soricina and a cloud forest Hylonycteris underwoodi nectarivorous bat.

Species abundance measured as monthly bats captured per net hour in the forest understory and canopy. Each monthly bar represents a 3-year mean, except for June which is a 2-year mean.

Early Rainy 7 mIU 0. Temporal and vertical differentiation of lowland Piper-Solanum bats, genera Carollia and Sturnira. Each monthly point represents a 3-year mean, except for June which is a 2-year mean.

Temporal and vertical differentiation of lowland small fig-eating bats, genus Artibeus. Temporal and vertical activity of the large fig-eating bat, Artibeus jamaicensis in a lowland forest.

Each monthly bar represents a 3-year mean, except for June which is 2-year mean. Temporal and vertical differentiation of cloud forest Piper-Solanum bats, genera Carollia and Sturnira.

Each bar represents a 3-year mean, except for June and C. I deeply thank my research supervisors in Panama, Dr.

Charles O. Eustorgio Mendez for his support and for being a constant source of inspiration. I also thank the diplomat student Sabine Muller Universitat Tubingen for collaborating on the acoustic bat inventory and for helping with the mist netting.

Carrion de Samudio for moral support and help during the planning, field, and writing stages; and to Rogelio Samudio for helping me get additional funds for the study.

This study compared temporal and spatial bat diversity and ecology patterns between a lowland forest and a cloud forest in western Pacific Panama.

Some bat species departed from the male to female proportion in both forests, whereas other species varied the sex ratio PAGE 9 with forest type and season.

To fill the gap in bat ecological 1 PAGE 11 2 theory, it is necessary to gather new data from standardized, long-term studies that integrate a variety of inventory methods Kalko The objective of this work is to examine how the diversity and ecological patterns of two bat communities in western Pacific Panama a lowland forest and a cloud forest vary spatially and temporally.

Studies showed that bat species richness in the Neotropics increases with rainfall and vegetation complexity in lowland forest, but decreases with elevation Koopman , Graham , Fleming a, Munoz , , Patterson et al.

In Chapter 2, 1 examine PAGE 12 3 the influence of season and forest type on the bat vertical stratification and adult sex ratio in these two communities by concentrating the analysis on the most common species of nectarivorous and frugivorous bats.

Additionally, these studies showed that bat species, especially frugivores, seasonally fluctuate in their populations and switch PAGE 13 4 strata, suggesting that these patterns can be widespread among bats and can operate as a mechanism of coexistence.

In Chapter 4, 1 investigated the extent to which nectarivorous and frugivorous bat species differentiate in vertical and temporal components.

I mainly focused on species of the highly diverse and abundant bat genera: Artibeus, Stumira, and Carollia. Bats have been considered good indicators of forest conditions because of 5 PAGE 15 6 their sensibility to forest disturbance Johns et al.

In Panama, the understory bat C. This was accomplished by concentrating on the most common species of nectarivorous and frugivorous bats PAGE 16 7 captured in these forests.

The reserve ranges in elevation from m Diaz , but the study site spans an elevational range of m. It shows a montane oceanic climate McKay based on De Martonne , with mean annual ambient temperature of 19 2 C and annual rainfall of mm Cavelier , McKay Both study sites are important for conserving biodiversity and establishing biological corridors in Panama.

Batipa is the second-largest remaining fragment of lowland forest in Chiriquf Tovar , and Fortuna is one of the best-preserved mountain forests in Panama Diaz Total sampling involved mist net hours mnh during nights lowlands mnh during nights, cloud forest mnh during 1 10 nights.

PAGE 22 13 tension, habitat structure, differences in vertical movements and the proportion of time spent within the 2-m sampling zone, differences in flight distance, the ability of bats to detect the presence of nets, and differences in flight frequency MacArthur and MacArthur , Karr , Kunz and Kurta Rainfall and Temperature Records I obtained local records of rainfall and temperature data from the Empresa de Transmision Electrica S.

I have 4 years of records for annual and monthly rainfall from the cloud forest m and from Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias 35 m , which is 20 km from the study site in the lowlands.

The records for ambient temperature TJ include 4 years of annual and monthly means, maximal 7jnax , and minimal 7 a min temperatures from FCA in the lowlands and the cloud forest.

In , 1 established two 20 x 50 m 0. I measured the diameter at breast height DBH , stem diameter at 1.

A Kruskal-Wallis test was used to evaluate differences in this index over years, across seasons, and between strata and forests for the most abundant nectarivores and frugivores Sail and Lehman A heterogeneity G 2 goodness-of-fit test was used to determine differences in strata preference among seasons and differences in sex ratio according to season and strata.

I compared annual rainfall using G 2 goodness-of-fit test and mean monthly precipitation and T, T a max, and Train between sites using a f-test.

Mean solid bars and standard deviation of monthly rainfall in millimeters mm for meteorological stations in a cloud forest Fortuna and a lowland site Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias with the elevations expressed in meters m.

PAGE 28 19 Table Artibeus jamaicensis differed with forest type in the frequency use of strata. Carollia perspicillata has been reported in lowland Panama and Costa Rica with an adult sex ratio of Fleming , Thies , Stoner , this study , but this species in the cloud forest had a femalebiased sex ratio.

Artibeus jamaicensis, also with some degree of migratory behavior Chapter 4 , had a male biased sex ratio, which differed from its lowland population.

In Costa Rican dry forests this species also has a period with more males, but it occurs during the dry season or PAGE 37 28 early rainy season Fleming , Stoner They play important roles as pollinators, 29 PAGE 39 30 seed dispersers, and predators of invertebrates and small vertebrates Humphrey and Bonaccorso , Findley , Kalko and occupy many forest types Humphrey and Bonaccorso , Fleming , Willig and Mares Considering the role of the forest canopy in plant and animal ecology is necessary when estimating species diversity and the mechanisms that underlie it Lowman and Nadkami , DeVries et al.

PAGE 40 31 I conducted a 3. This long-term study is the first in Panama to examine the bat diversity outside of the Canal Area in Panama and to sample canopy bats in a mid-elevation Neotropical cloud forest.

Finally, I compare lowland and midelevation sites from Panama, Central America, and South America, and discuss whether patterns previously observed in bat community studies are observed at the two Panamanian bat communities I studied.

The reserve ranges in elevation from to m Dfaz , but the study site spans an elevation range of m. Species abundance number of individuals per species distribution was analyzed first as the species abundance frequency distribution, in which the number of species were plotted against the log 2 of abundance Preston , Magurran , Hubbell PAGE 44 35 Second, it was analyzed as the dominance-diversity curve distribution species rankabundance in which species were ranked according to their abundance on a log 10 arithmetic scale Whittaker Community similarity or beta 3 diversity was calculated with two measures: Sorensen index C s and Sorensen quantitative index C N.

The former measures only species presence-absence taxonomy and takes no account of the abundance of species, whereas the other measures both species presence-absence and abundance function Magurran PAGE 45 36 All equations used to calculate the a-, 3-, and similarity indexes can be found in Magurran and Krebs When the distribution of data was not normal I used the Kruskal-Wallis analysis of variance Shapiro and Wilk , or when the means had unequal variance I used the Welch ANOVA Sail and Lehman to test for seasonal differences in species richness and abundance.

Food habit classification PAGE 46 37 refers to the main food consumed by a species. Acoustic monitoring was done for 72 hrs during 12 nights at each site Muller I found no differences between forests in the species richness within bat families.

PAGE 48 39 Table Proportion of number of species to number of genera. The cloud forest showed a more equal abundance distribution among species than the lowland forest E : 0.

Species richness within insectivore and piscivore bat families in a lowland forest and cloud forest in Panama. Subfamilies are the insect-omnivorouscamivorous Phyllostominae Phy , nectarivore Glossophaginae Glo , and frugivore Carollinae Ca and Stenodermatinae Ste.

PAGE 54 45 Figure Bat species accumulation curves from two forests in Panama at different elevations during July Dec Relative abundance distributions are plotted by doubling classes of abundance log 2 , following the method of Preston Log 10 of species abundance partitioning by lowland forest Batipa: 35 species and cloud forest Fortuna: 34 species bat species rank.

Log 10 of species abundance partitioned by total 35 species , canopy 33 species , and understory 29 species bat species rank. PAGE 59 50 strata.

Forest strata in the cloud forest were more taxonomically C; 0. Total are raw values that did not include bat recaptures or the count of species more than one time.

PAGE 62 53 Figure Rappeutuneet talot kunnostettiin ja maalattiin useissa kylän maatiloissa keitetyllä punamullalla. Taloustilanteen kohentuessa myös talojen sisätilat saatettiin kunnostaa ja varustaa keskuslämmityksen ja WC:n kaltaisilla nykyaikaisilla teknisillä ratkaisuilla.

Maastamuutto Ruotsiin oli sodanjälkeisen suuren työttömyyden takia merkittävää, erityisesti nuorison keskuudessa.

Tänä aikana perustettiin useita pienyrityksiä, mm. Kaivojen poraus oli toinen menestyvä teollisuudenala ja Sulvalla sijaitsi peräti 11 kaivonporauskonetta.

Muut sodanjälkeisenä aikoina perustetut yritykset olivat pieniä työpajoja, sahoja, puusepän verstaita, yksi ompelimo ja jopa nappitehdas.

Tämän lisäksi alueelta löytyi kauppapuutarhoja, kasvihuoneita ja turkistarhoja, joista muutamia on yhä jäljellä.

Sulvalla toimi ja luvulla kymmeniä kyläkauppoja. Tieverkko kehittyi ja useampi bussiyhtiö huolehti matkustajaliikenteestä Vaasaan.

Aiemmin, aina luvulle saakka, maantie Vaasaan kulki Tuovilan kivisillan yli. Yhdistystoiminta aktivoitui sodan jälkeen ja kirjamuodossa julkaistussa Jockes brev saatettiin lukea merkittävistä häistä, juhlista ja kokouksista.

Alueella pidettiin esitelmiä, järjestettiin teatteriesityksiä sekä soitto- ja laulutilaisuuksia. Aina ja luvuille saakka väestönmäärä kasvoi verkkaisesti.

Sparlanda oli ensimmäinen kunnan suunnittelema asuinalue, tontit rakennettiin sinne luvun alussa. Tämän jälkeen alueelle on kaavoitettu ja rakennettu useampia asuinalueita.

Alueelle on muuttanut paljon väkeä ja kasvun odotetaan jatkuvan. Vad har Solf att erbjuda? Mitä Sulva voi tarjota? Sulvan maaseutuympäristö tarjoaa asumiseen ja varttumiseen turvallisen paikan.

Kyrkan invigdes Altaruppsatsen, som är inköpt i Hudiksvall , är en stor sevärdhet i den vackra kyrkan. Grundservicen är bra i Solf. Lukukautena Sulvan koulussa on oppilasta.

Söderfjärden on merkittävä viljelysalue ja merkittävä linnustonsa takia keväisin ja syksyisin. Pumppuasemalla puolestaan voit osallistua Söderfjärdenin kuivatustarinaan ja ihailla kauniita maisemia.

Kirkko, pappila, seurakuntakoti ja hautausmaa muodostavat kauniin kokonaisuuden. Kirkko vihittiin käyttöön Alttariosa on ostettu Hudiksvallista ja se on kauniin kirkon merkittävimmistä nähtävyyksistä.

Stundarsin ulkoilmamuseo on rakennettu seurakunnan maille ja kuuluu näin ollen alueeseen. Seurakunta tarjoaa toimintaa eri-ikäisille lapsille sekä nuorille, aikuisille ja eläkeläisille.

Laulu ja musiikki ovat aina olleet merkittäviä tekijöitä Sulvan kulttuurielämässä. Jousiorkesteri, puhallinorkesteri, kuoro ja lasten musiikkikoulu kuuluvat kylän kulttuuritarjontaan.

Föräldra-barn-träff vid Solf församlingshem. Vanhemmat ja lapset—ryhmä Sulvan seurakuntatalolla. Ett flertal föreningar ordnar ledda fritidsaktiviteter.

Fotboll och orientering hör till de populäraste sporterna. Tack vare närheten till Vasa har Solf länge varit en populär inflyttningsort. Alla tillgängliga hyreslägenheter är uthyrda och de kommunala bostadstomterna säljs vartefter de kommer till salu.

Stundars är ett stort museum och ett levande kulturcentrum, som starkt präglar bygden. Sulvalla on hyvät peruspalvelut. Alueella sijaitsee päiväkoti, ruotsinkielinen ala-aste, kirjasto ja terveysasema.

Saatavilla on useita lastenhoitajia sekä kerhotoimintaa ala-astelaisille. Lähikauppa, pankki, kukkakauppa, lahjatavarakauppa sekä ravintolat palvelevat niin kylän asukkaita kuin vierailijoitakin.

Useat yhdistykset järjestävät ohjattua vapaa-ajan toimintaa. Jalkapallo ja suunnistus kuuluvat suosituimpien urheilulajien joukkoon.

Folkhälsan järjestää uimakouluja kylän maauimalan yhteydessä. Thanks for helping us catch any problems with articles on DeepDyve. We'll do our best to fix them.

Check all that apply - Please note that only the first page is available if you have not selected a reading option after clicking "Read Article".

Include any more information that will help us locate the issue and fix it faster for you. Bowles, E, and Woods, L.

IX, pp. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Hardcover NLG Contents: Part I. Rutherford, and T. Tabayashi, T. Kikuchi, and T. Journal of Economics — Springer Journals.

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